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Instructor Team - Customized for Your Needs
We select the instructor training team that matches the type of presentation your spokesperson will be giving. If he or she will be talking to the business press, we use former business press editors to prepare for those meetings. If the primary audience is trade press we use former trade press editors from the computer trade press , or telecommunications/networking trade press. If the spokesperson is preparing for a video tape we use professional film and television actors. If they are planning to appear on television, we bring in a former TV senior news producer. Companies preparing to meet with financial analysts for IPO road shows or quarterly meetings will work with our former financial analyst.

Stephen P. Begley, President, Begley Consulting
Before establishing his consulting business, Steve Begley was a vice president at Hi-Tech Communications, ranked the largest public relations agency in San Francisco in 1994. A 17-year PR veteran, he has provided PR counsel, media and presentation training to executives from Sun Microsystems, Google, Broadvision, Silicon Graphics, Informix, Tektronix, Quantum, Seiko, Intuit, Xerox, AT&T, Fujitsu and Genuity.

As a stand-up comedian and actor he has appeared on TV, in industrial films and in several live product announcements for Sun Microsystems. He has studied at San Francisco's American Conservatory Theater and at Canada's International Improvisation School.

As an improvisational theater coach, he has taught creativity and teamwork techniques to employees of Charles Schwab, Hewlett-Packard and California Casualty.

For four years while at Hi-Tech Communications, he managed the product review program for Sun Microsystems. Reviews for products ranged from UNIX software applications to multiprocessor servers. He currently is advising companies developing Internet software products.

Begley graduated with honors from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, with a BA in Business Communications. He is a member of Alpha Sigma Nu, the Jesuit National Honor Society. He has been a lecturer for UC Berkeley's International MBA program.

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Kathleen K. Wiegner, Ph.D., Business Press Consultant
A freelance writer since 1992, Kathleen Wiegner is a contributor to Computer Letter, Upside Magazine and a columnist for the Los Angeles Times. From 1974 to 1992, she held a number of positions at Forbes Magazine, including West Coast correspondent covering computers and technology, manager of the West Coast bureau, and finally, senior editor of International Technology for the magazine's "Computers/Communications" section.

She has published three books of poetry: Encounters (1972), Country Western Breakdown (1974) and Freeway Driving (1981).

Ms. Wiegner was an Instructor and Assistant Professor in the English Department of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee from 1964-74. She holds three degrees from the University of Wisconsin: a B.A. in English and Journalism (1960), an M.A. in English and Comparative Literature (1962), and a Ph.D. in English and Comparative Literature (1967).

Awards: Excellence in Technology Communications Award (first place) by Acer Group and the Computer Museum, Boston (1989). First prize in the category of profile, awarded by the New York Business Press (1994).

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Lorna Doubet, Business Press Consultant
Lorna Doubet knows the media from the inside as a journalist and the outside as a corporate spokesperson.

Her journalism career includes reporting and editing positions with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the San Francisco Chronicle. Earlier, she reported on Asia for McGraw-Hill publications and the South China Morning Post newspaper in Hong Kong.

Her public relations career began at a San Francisco-based banking subsidiary of Ford Motor Co., where she dealt with the national media on a daily basis. Later, she served for seven years as spokesperson and public relations counselor for Wells Fargo Bank, with ongoing responsibility for internal media training programs.

Currently based in Boston, she writes newsletters and other communications for clients of leading financial services companies.

She has a bachelor's degree from Tufts University and a master's degree from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism.

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Dave Flack, Trade Press Consultant
Dave Flack, is the founder of NetDotDesign, Inc. The firm helps organizations redevelop their Internet and Intranet Web sites to communicate more effectively and reach their business goals. He also consults in the areas of product review preparation and press training for executives.

For nine years prior to starting his company, he served as editor-in-chief of the McGraw-Hill Companies' UnixWorld and Open Computing magazines. Open Computing received numerous journalism awards including a Jesse H. Neal Award in 1996 from the American Business Press. It was named "Best Magazine, Electronic Data Processing and Telecommunications-Trade" by the Western Publications Association in1995.

Dave pioneered the first publication use of the Internet at the McGraw-Hill Companies in the mid 1980s, and he helped create the first Web online publications for McGraw-Hill in 1994. He also created the "Top 100 Women in IS" award" and the "Women in Computing" newsletter in 1995. He has been a frequent speaker and panel chair at computer industry events including COMDEX, Uniforum, UNIX Expo International, and SunWorld.

Before entering journalism in 1987, he was a principal in several advertising and public relations firms in Denver, Colorado. Their clients included American Express Travel Related Services, ABC Capital Cities, Affiliated Bankshares of Colorado, American Home Security, and the Adolph Coors Brewery. He also managed marketing communications for a major division of Litton Industries.

Dave graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a BBA in Marketing.


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Peggy King, Trade Press Consultant
Peggy King is a freelance writer who has written extensively on the business aspects of open systems and on the use of workstations for graphical applications, especially mechanical CAD.

King began her career in computer trade publishing as West Coast editor of HP Professional, and her experience includes in-depth coverage of workstation strategies and products from HP and Sun. As senior editor for UniForum Association, she wrote the biweekly UniNews newsletter.

She is a frequent contributor to UniForum Monthly and Client/Server Computing, and her articles have appeared in diverse publications including Advanced Systems, Open Computing (formerly UnixWorld), Cadence, Oracle Magazine, Sybase Magazine, and RISC Management newsletter.

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Michael Dortch, Networking Trade Press Consultant
Michael Dortch has been involved with PCs, business computing and networking since arriving at MIT in 1973. He is currently a Senior Research Analyst for the Robert Frances Group. Most recently he was vice president of marketing for Unix Trade Group, a position he held since UTG's incorporation in 1994.. Previously, he was a Senior Writer for Communications Week, covering Novell, UNIX System vendors and users, and enterprise networking in general. Dortch began his career in corporate computing and networking in the mid-1970s as an industry analyst at The Yankee Group, an internationally recognized market research and consulting firm based in Boston, Mass.

Dortch has also been a freelance writer, editor and marketing consultant, providing media training, strategic planning and other services to user and vendor companies large and small. His clients have included Ascend Communications, Madge Networks, Northern Telecom, Pacific Telesis, The Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) Inc., and numerous user companies in a diverse range of businesses.

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William Hall, Video Presentation Consultant
William Hall has been a professional actor for sixteen years. He has appeared in numerous feature films including The Right Stuff, Howard the Duck and Murder in the First.

He has been featured in many television shows including Hotel and Midnight Caller. He has appeared in hundreds of corporate videos and live presentations for a wide range of companies including, AT&T, Hewlett Packard, Sega, Pacific Bell, Microsoft and Intel.

He has served as a consultant to Disneyland and the Queen Mary for live entertainment

He is a founding member of the San Francisco-based comedy theater group; I Fratelli Bologna where he has helped create more than a dozen original comedies.

In 1986 he founded the Bay Area Theatresports Improvisational Theater and School for Improvisation.

William has led workshops for Stanford University and San Francisco State University. His recent work with the Global Business Network has led to facilitating meetings at the Sloan/MIT Institute For The Future exploring the role of Organizations in the 21st Century. He has led workshops for such companies as Silicon Graphics, Bank of America and Charles Schwab.

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Terry McGovern, Acting And Broadcast Interview Coach
Maybe you saw Terry McGovern in Mrs. Doubtfire, American Graffiti or heard him in Star Wars. If you live in the San Francisco Bay area you might have caught one of his many interviews with celebrities and authors on BayTV or KYA radio. In addition to his current acting and voice-over work, McGovern teaches acting in San Francisco and Santa Rosa. He studied acting with Stella Adler and Milton Katselas in Los Angeles, where he appeared in numerous sitcoms, episodic TV shows, movies and cartoons. He has appeared in hundreds of radio and TV commercials and interactive games.

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Dave Taylor, Product Review Consultant
In addition to his Web design and development work, Dave Taylor is a prolific Internet and computer journalist with over 500 published articles and four published books: Global Software from Springer-Verlag, Teach Yourself UNIX In a Week; The Internet Business Guide (co-author), and Creating Cool Web Pages with HTML. Regular columns include the Internet Marketing Insider column for Marketing Computers magazine, Web Master for Usenix's LOGIN journal, and a new Intranet how-to column for InfoWorld titled Behind the Firewall. He is also well known as author of the Elm Mail System and the recently released Embot mail autoresponder. Taylor was Reviews Editor at SunWorld magazine, has a Bachelors in Computer Science from UCSD and a Masters in Educational Computing from Purdue University.

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