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Trade Show Training

Chances are your job does not consist of talking to customers in a tradeshow booth all day. Your job involves managing a group of engineers or software developers. They are good at what they do. Yet when the time for the big tradeshow comes around, your staff is expected to do more than just talk about and demo your product. They have to deal with the hundreds of potential customers that come to the booth all day. Does your group have the experience to tell the potential customers from the tire kickers? Does everyone in your booth know your company's key messages? Can they all repeat those messages?

We have developed a training session to help engineers and software developers to be more effective while working in your booth at trade shows.

The session involves a series of videotaped meetings with mock customers, concentration exercises, direct one-to-one coaching and a short informational presentation.

Because the session is customized for your group and the individuals being trained, the number of participants is limited to six per half day session.

For more information about session content and fee structure, call us at (415) 668-2202.

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