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So you want to be the next Facebook, eh? Or maybe the next Google. Gonna build rocket ships like Space-X to go into outer space or create a fast electric car like Tesla?  You've got the concept, you've got the product now you just need to tell the world.

One problem. Can your executives tell the story? If they can't, who can you find to help them? Try us, Begley Consulting.

Why us? Because those companies I mentioned above, Facebook, Google, Space-X and Tesla?  We've prepared their founders and executives to talk to all the people they needed to reach as they grew. 

We trained Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google to talk to the press and give important presentations to the general public. We also led one of Google's earliest strategic messaging sessions.

We trained Elon Musk, the co-founder of PayPal, the founder of Space-X and Tesla Motors to talk to the media.

You've heard of Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook? We coached her for her early media and customer presentations while she was at Google.

When on-line dating site Eharmony hit national news media we prepped the co-founder for TV interviews.

Maybe you have an athlete, author or non-profit executive director that needs help before talking to a specialized audience.

We trained a young NASCAR race car driver A.J. Allmendinger for his sponsor events and pre-race radio interviews.

We prepared author and researcher Rachel Tabachnick for her interview on NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross.

We coached Kathleen Oropeza, the founder of Fund Education Now, prior to a panel session on education with Gov. Jeb Bush.
(We help structure her remarks, handle the Q&A and wrote some zingers to challenge the Governor's policies.)

Preparing executives for presentations and speeches often need a lot people to succeed. That is why we work with inside communications people, outside public relations agencies, marketing people at venture capital funds and investor relations firms. The entrepreneur or executive rarely knows what they need or who to go to for help. It's the communications and PR people who know the exec's strengths and weakness, but sometimes they have ongoing relationship with the executives or founders that requires an outsider to say the things they can't.

As my friend Todd said, "Nobody likes to tell the guy signing their check that their baby is ugly. That's why we bring in outsider experts to say what is hard for us to say."

We want to be your outside training experts. We can provide the additional authority to telling your execs all the things you have been telling them in a new way.

Who We Are
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