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Media and Presentation Training
Dealing with reporters, editors and industry analysts can make anyone anxious. In a short period of time you must convey key messages about your company and product. Your chances of success increase significantly if you understand how the press and analysts think and take steps to prepare for your meetings with them.

Media training prepares spokespeople by providing information about the press and the process of the interview. Participants are given the tools to turn each meeting into an opportunity to dynamically tell their company and product story.

By the end of Begley Consulting's media training session, participants will learn the following things:

  • What to expect from the press, and how reporters differ from industry analysts
  • Methods to continually reinforce your key messages during the presentation
  • Strategies to answer the killer questions
  • Techniques to make your press and analyst presentations more effective
  • Processes to uncover your strongest stories for presentations and interviews
  • Tips to correct body language mistakes
  • The three keys to establishing and maintaining credibility
  • How to reduce anxiety about presenting
  • How co-presenters can help each other during an interview
  • How to prepare for different types of press people and analysts (e.g., The Digger, The Buddy, The Cynic, The Pro)
  • When and how to use humor with the press

We customize the sessions for each participant based on the experience of the speakers and type of media they might encounter. We ask the CEO and CFO more business and strategic questions; product managers are asked more product questions. We focus on different aspects of presentation skills based on information gathered about each participant before and during the session. All participants perform some exercises while others are focused on an individual. We videotape each participant during several practice interviews. If a participant will be the primary spokesperson for the company during the product launch, he or she gives all or part of the launch presentation. All session participants are side coached to provide instant feedback on their presentation content as well as an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of their presentation style.

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Session Objectives
Learn what press and analysts expect during interviews and presentations
  • Acquire skills to communicate the company's messages clearly and dynamically in every press and analyst meeting
  • Develop effective presentations that tell a good story to press and analysts
  • Learn techniques to successfully take control of one-on-one and group interviews with press and analysts

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Format and Length of Training Sessions
The session consists of a series of videotaped interviews, concentration exercises, direct one-to-one coaching and a informational presentation.

Sessions run a half day with a maximum of three people. Morning sessions typically begin at 8:00 a.m. and will last until 12:30 p.m. Afternoon sessions typically begin at 12:30 p.m. and will last until 5 p.m.

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Instructor Team - Customized For Your Needs
We select the instructor training team that matches the type of presentation your spokesperson will be giving. If he or she will be talking to the business press, we use a former business press editor to prepare for those meetings. If the primary audience is trade press we use former trade press editors from the computer trade press , or telecommunications/networking trade press. If the spokesperson is preparing for a video tape we use a professional film and television actor. If they are planning to appear on television, we bring in a former TV senior news producer. Companies preparing to meet with financial analysts for IPO road shows or quarterly meetings will work with our former financial analyst.

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Timeline and Deliverables for Training Session
Note: It is important for the company's marketing communications personnel to provide information and materials to Begley Consulting prior to the actual training.

Prior to receiving any materials, Begley Consulting team members will sign non-disclosure agreements if any information revealed during the training is confidential.

10 -14 Business Days Before Training
Initial discussion with training coordinator at company to discuss non-disclosure agreement and contracts.

Nine Business Days Before Training
Client provides Begley Consulting with three copies of the following materials:

  • Background information on the company and the spokespeople to be trained
  • Background materials on specific presentation topics
  • Draft of presentation to be given at new product launch (if available)
  • Samples of previous presentations (either from each speaker or company templates if a style needs to be emulated)
  • Top three message points each presenter needs to address
  • A list of 20-30 specific and challenging questions that might need to be answered for the press and analysts
  • Q&A document (if available)
  • Press kit materials
  • Target press and analyst list
  • Market information on the product/corporate category
  • Any previous videotaped presentations of spokespeople

Four to Five Business Days Before Training
Telephone call with coordinator at company to discuss specific strengths and weaknesses of each spokesperson, and to determine areas of emphasis.

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Fees and Expenses
If you are like 80% of the people in the world, this is the second section you looked at. Call me for information about how fees and expenses are determined.
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