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Internet and World Wide Web Consulting

The Need to Tell a Good Story Still Exists
Our World Wide Web consulting is based on the premise that unless your target audience can follow your story and use information on your web site -- you are just wasting electrons. We have provided this type of web consulting to Silicon Graphics Incorporated, the leading manufacturer of high-performance visual computing systems, and Quantum Corporation, the world's second largest supplier of disk drives. Quantum's president called our presentation and ideas for their proposed World Wide Web home page "absolutely brilliant!"

As part of a consulting project we ask your customers some of the following questions.

  • Do your target customers understand what you are trying to convey?
  • Do they use your site?
  • Do they even know your site exists?
  • What would they like you to do to make it better?
  • Are you taking advantage of the new capabilities of the Web, or are you simply repurposing information created for other mediums?

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Web Consulting Case Studies

Silicon Graphics -- Are Editors and Analysts Using Our Site?
Silicon Graphics wanted to determine if the information on its web site was being used by editors and analysts. They also wanted to know what was the best method to format the data so publications with their own web sites could download graphics and other information from the SGI site. Working with one of their PR consultants, Kathy Nilles, the president of Nilles and Associates, we did an extensive audit of editors, publishers, industry analysts and the webmasters for these organizations. The results and suggested modifications to their web site were presented to SGI. They are currently implementing the web site suggestions, as well as modifying the materials given to the press and analysts.

Quantum -- One Among Millions, How To Stand Out in a Crowded Web
For Quantum, we provided an overview of how they can use all aspects of the Internet, from Usenet and listservs to World Wide Web sites. Then we described how they can make their web site stand out from the crowd. They implemented the ideas with brilliant designers, creating an interesting site that told their company story to their target audience.

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Is Your Site Telling a Story?
We can provide the same services for you. Working with your sales and marketing organization we can determine what you want to say and then work with your designers to ensure your story doesn't get lost in the whizzy graphics and CGI scripts. Then we check out the perception of your site though audits and focus groups.

Soon the World Wide Web will be the primary method of gathering information about companies -- learn to use it to tell your story.

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